A downhill cyclist jumping a meter into the air over a dirt jump.
A downhill cyclist riding down the forest trail. The person is wearing bright clothing with a helmet and goggles.
A cyclist riding around a steep bend.

Downhill on the Gurten

Hurtle down the Gurten on your bike

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The trail for downhill cyclists

Relax as the Gurten funicular takes you to the start of the bike trail. Close to the city, downhill cyclists will find the perfect 2-kilometer trail here with an altitude differential of 270 meters and plenty of fun guaranteed. Fluid lines, raised bends and jumps of up to 10 meters – adapted to the terrain in harmony with nature. At the end of the trail, there is a bike washing facility on parking level 3 available to all cyclists free of charge. There are also 20 lockers in the parking garage.

The downhill trail is freely accessible every day (the trail is not lit).

If the trail is closed due to prolonged rainfall, we will inform you of this on our website.

  • The trail is accessible free of charge.
Washing point on parking level 3: free
Sports pass (for the transport of the person): CHF 11
Multi-trip pass (for the bike): CHF 45
Bike transport: CHF 3

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In the interests of ensuring smooth-running operation, we would ask cyclists to show consideration for other passengers on the Gurten funicular.

  • No cycling is permitted on the grounds or in the premises of the Gurten funicular.
  • The Gurten funicular staff control the transport of downhill bikes. The instructions of the funicular staff are binding. Owners of downhill bikes are liable for any damage caused.
  • In the event of a large number of passengers, in particular on Sundays between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., the funicular staff can limit the transport of downhill bikes.
  • Generally speaking, the uppermost passenger section of the panorama cars is reserved for transporting downhill bikes. This is indicated accordingly. Please do not lean against or sit on the equipment in dirty clothes.
  • Downhill bikes must be parked in an orderly manner in the waiting room. Please do not carry out any repairs.
  • If the downhill bikes or riders are very dirty, particular consideration should be shown to the other passengers. A washing point is available free of charge in the parking garage. Clothes must also be cleaned as well as possible.
  • Please refrain from cleaning protective clothing in the restrooms. Use of the restrooms should primarily be reserved for the intended purpose.
  • Please do not leave backpacks, bags, drinking bottles, etc. in the premises of the valley station. Backpacks and bags can be left at the ticket counter for a fee. Pieces of luggage will be accepted and returned by the funicular staff.
  • Riding in the stairwells of the parking garage is prohibited.
  • We recommend that cyclists ride on the busy street back to the valley station very carefully and at a moderate speed.

The owner and operator of the Gurten trails is the association trailnet.ch, which is also responsible for maintenance of the trail. Gurtenbahn Bern AG only provides transport to the start of the trail. Gurtenbahn Bern AG declines all liability for accidents on the trail.

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