The Gurten funicular arriving at the top station.
Self-service applies on the Gurtenbahn.

Timetable & ticket prices

Every 15 minutes!

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Validity of free tickets

Free travelcards and multi-ride tickets will no longer be valid from December 2023.

Purchasing tickets

You can purchase tickets for the Gurten funicular from the ticket office at the valley station. Alternatively, you can use the ticket machines at the valley and top stations or purchase a ticket using the app.

For conventions, seminars, corporate events, sports events and other special events, we can offer you a flat-rate deal. Contact us with a non-binding request. 

Purchasing tickets

With immediate effect, the Gurtenbahn will be subject to a self-check. Please ensure that you are in possession of a valid ticket before you travel. 
As with public transport, random checks will be carried out and passengers with an incorrect or missing ticket will be fined. 


Season tickets, half-fare tickets, Bern Ticket JuniorCard and Libero (monthly or annual subscription for zone 100/101) are valid. The Libero day pass and the multi and group day passes are not valid.


Single ticket: CHF 7
Return ticket: CHF 12.60
Children (6–16) / half fare
Single ticket: CHF 3.50
Return ticket: CHF 6.30

ISO certification

To ensure the safety of passengers, the systems must be in perfect condition. On April 14, 2022, Gurtenbahn Bern AG was granted certification for the sixth time that the company satisfies the requirements of the “ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System” normative provisions in all areas (rail operation, leisure facilities and parking) without any deficiencies.


Do you have any questions about the Gurten funicular, the car park or the toboggan run? Have you lost any personal items in the Gurten funicular? Please do not hesitate to contact us at +41 31 961 23 23 or at

Privacy policy

Click here for the Gurtenbahn privacy policy.

Gurten funicular timetable

The Gurten funicular departs every fifteen minutes from 7 a.m. in the morning. On the hour and at quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour. Deviations from the timetable are possible in case of high passenger volume.

Last ascent: 11:30 p.m.
Last descent: 11:45 p.m.
Sundays and public holidays
Last ascent: 8 p.m.
Last descent: 8:15 p.m.

Dogs measuring 30 cm or more at the shoulder can travel at children’s price.

Bicycle transport, etc.
Bikes, bike trailers, scooter bikes, dirtsurfers and similar will be transported whenever possible. The price is calculated for the entire route and costs CHF 3.50.

People with disabilities

Travelers with a corresponding identity card benefit from a half-price ticket and are also entitled to bring an accompanying person free of charge. 

For groups (incl. schools, youth associations, scouts, sports groups, etc.) traveling together. This rate applies to travel groups comprising at least 10 people. Each group must be under the direction of a responsible person (minimum age of 16). With the group ticket, all members of a group must make the same ascent and descent.

Erwachsene Return  Single
Wabern–Gurten /
CHF 9.– CHF 5.–
From and to Grünenboden
(middle station): 
CHF 6.– CHF 3.40
Children & youths
(aged 6-25)
with half-fare subscription / dogs
Wabern–Gurten /
CHF 4.60 CHF 2.60
From and to Grünenboden
(middle station):
CHF 3.– CHF 1.80

The journey lasts about five minutes.

Yes, when special events are organized on the Gurten, it is possible to extend the operating time until 3:45 a.m. for an extra fee.

We accept the most common debit and credit cards.

Yes, you can purchase tickets from the machines at the entrance to the top station.

No, the normal adult price applies for senior citizens.

Yes, travelers with a corresponding identity card benefit from a half-price ticket and are also entitled to bring an accompanying person free of charge.

No, the Gurten funicular group rate applies for school groups. You can find more information about group rates here.

There are restrooms at the valley station.

The Gurten funicular carries a maximum of 120 passengers per journey.

No, the Libero day ticket, the Libero multi day tickets and the Libero group day tickets are not valid on the Gurtenbahn. However, the Libero monthly and annual season tickets are valid.

Getting here

The easiest way to find us. There are parking spaces right next to the Gurtenbahn funicular valley station.


A diagram with an overview of how best to get to the Gurten. By public transportation or car, the Gurten is ideally located.