A person wearing a hat on the toboggan run in the summer
A rusting metal figure is exhibited in the park.
Two athletes jogging along the asphalt path.

Leisure activities on the Gurten

Children’s activities, sports and art

Fun park

Where fun, excitement and action come together surrounded by nature. Our fun park is the perfect place to play, explore and let off steam. Numerous free activities for children and adults. From the miniature railway to a chance to cool off in the Gurten lake – lots of fun for the entire family.

  • Miniature railway
  • Kids cars
  • Gurten lake
  • Toboggan run
  • "Geschtelasch" climbing frame
  • "Crealino" concrete dragon
  • Gurten garden
The miniature railway taking numerous visitors around the park. The children are waving.
Garden house with flowers in the front garden

Gurten garden

The natural Gurten garden is freely accessible to visitors. It offers young and old an enchanting world of experience with a variety of colourful plants.

  • Supervised garden afternoons for children
  • Seasonal garden tours for adults
  • Tour and garden-tavolata 
  • Freely accessible garden

Sports activities

Standing 316 meters above Bern, the emblematic mountain is ideal for outdoor training. Thanks to the altitude, the shady trees and the fresh air, it is always one to two degrees cooler on the Gurten than in the city. The car-free zone also makes it a safe environment.

  • Downhill trail
  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Disc golf
  • Sledding
  • Skiing
Two athletes jogging along the asphalt path.
Burning wood in the fire. The barbecue is decorated with the Gurten logo.

Other activities

In addition to the children’s activities and sports activities, the Gurten also offers so much more. Seven fire pits, a 22-meter high observation tower and a modern observatory offering a glimpse of the distant universe. Thanks to the Migros Culture Percentage, most attractions can be enjoyed free of charge.

  • Fire pits
  • Observation tower
  • Observatory


Bern’s local mountain: a natural oasis for some, an arts venue for others. The Gurten offers you the chance not only to admire the view over Bern but also to enjoy the contemporary art offerings of regional, national and international artists.

  • Art in the park
  • Art in the event venues
  • Art in the Kulm
  • Art at the Gurten funicular
A rusting metal figure is exhibited in the park.
Bird's-eye view of the Gurten. The fun park in the middle with the bright blue of the Gurten lake to the right and the streets clearly identifiable.

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