the men and boys are getting ready to lay the rails.
The boys climb into a manhole.

In honour


Let off steam while climbing

In honor of the energetic and dedicated efforts of 80 schoolchildren and 2 schoolgirls who built the small railroad line on the Gurten during the three-week spring break in 1960 under the motto "Young people build their own empire" under the expert supervision of the SVB (Bern's public transport company, now Bernmobil) and the municipal nursery.
The Chutzenrat was founded from this construction team in 1961 and still exists today. It is worth mentioning Mr. Werner Jöhr (former director of the Gurtenbahn and the SVB), who was a committed mentor to the Chutzenrat at the time.

Construction work on the minitiature railway line

Small station of the Gurten under construction.
Men pack their things and get ready to start building.
Older people looking at the small railroad.
Finished small railroad.
Traffic light for the locomotive.
Scaffolding for small station.
Children look and adults look at the railroad.
Men bringing tracks to build.
Men shovel space for the tracks.
Boys shovel earth out of the ground.
Boys make the earth into a wheelbarrow.
 Boys lay the tracks.
Men and boys working on the railroad.
Men and boys move the earth.
Boys need a break and sit down.
 Boys and men are preparing the holes for the tracks.
Boys and men are shoveling out holes.
Boys are bringing the tracks to the holes.
 the men and boys are getting ready to lay the rails.
 Boys and men taking a little break from shoveling.
 Boys and men at work.
Everyone helping to build the railroad.
The boys laying the railroad.
The men and boys bring the materials to the railroad.
 Little boy hold the pole.
The earth is taken away.
The boys climb into a manhole.
 The boys and men refine the earth.
The boys and men take away the remains.
They bring the materials to the right place.
1960 on the Gurten with a beautiful view.
The boys and men build a small bridge for the locomotive.
The boys lay the pipes.
 Businessmen are waiting for the railroad.
 The boys are building the roof for the station.
 The businessmen are eager to see the train.
 The men are transporting the tracks.
The men and the boys are packing away the earth.
 The men are moving the tracks to the right place.

Opening of the miniature railway

   A man gives a speech about the railroad.
 Locomotive in operation.
 A woman makes a speech about the railroad
 Locomotive driving with many children
Small railway on its first journey with curious onlookers
Locomotive driving.
Locomotive driving over the belt.

The fun park today

Getting here

The easiest way to find us. There are parking spaces right next to the Gurtenbahn funicular valley station.


A diagram with an overview of how best to get to the Gurten. By public transportation or car, the Gurten is ideally located.