A colorful painting decorates the wall. Cartoon images can be seen in the wood.
A photograph is displayed on the wall of the restaurant. The photo is a black and white image.
A series of drawings portraying faces are exhibited in a picture frame.

Art collection in the Kulm

Photography and painting exhibition


Visual art in Gurtners

In Gurtners restaurant, you not only can enjoy the stunning view over Bern but also admire the artwork of Sadhyo Niederberger, an artist from Aargau, and of the pair of artists M.S. Bastian and Isabelle L.

M.S. Bastian (born in Biel in 1963) and Isabelle L. (born in Biel in 1967) live and work in Biel. Admire the two large-format works “Flüsternder Wald” (2009) and “Garten der Lüste” (2007) with their bright colors and fanciful characters on the Gurten. The colorful jungle pictures are playful, as the imagination of the two artists knows no bounds: their paintings contain references to such greats as Henri Rousseau, Hieronymus Bosch and Pablo Picasso as well as to a wide range of comic characters such as Mickey Mouse and Popeye. This blurs the boundaries between art and trivial culture.

Commissioned by the Migros Culture Percentage, she created the project entitled “Zwischen Fiktion und Wirklichkeit. Im Kabinett der Rosana Cecilia Gurtner y Gonzalez” in Gurtners restaurant. She incorporated her own works and works by other artists from the art collection of the Aare Migros cooperative (Otto Grimm, Max Matter, Alois Lichtsteiner, Claudio Moser, Meret Oppenheim and Hugo Suter) into a fictitious context of the Gurtner family, playfully conveying the works in the entrance to the restaurant.

The lounge in Gurtners restaurant is also an exhibition of works by local artists. On the wall are numerous paintings, photographs and objects.
The Tapis Rouge self-service restaurant is decorated with photographs.

Tapis Rouge

Gems in the self-service restaurant.
Our family restaurant, Tapis Rouge, will surprise you by showcasing visual artworks by Franz Gertsch, Rolf Iseli, Karin Frank and Peter von Wattenwyl on two floors. Learn more about the artists behind the works:

Karin Frank

Franz Gertsch

Rolf Iseli

Peter von Wattenwyl

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Seminar rooms

Artworks in the seminar rooms

As a guest in our seminar rooms, you can also plunge into the world of different artists who have helped shape the arts scene in Bern. Seven seminar rooms with different paintings create an ideal setting for meetings while delighting art lovers.

The seminar room is decorated with simple paintings by regional and international artists.
A series of drawings portraying faces are exhibited in a picture frame.


Stylish hotel rooms

Since 2015, the “äuä” and “ieu” rooms on the Gurten – Park im Grünen have boasted a contemporary and future-oriented decor in line with the entire philosophy of the Gurtens. In our beautiful  “äuä” hotel room, you can enjoy art drawn by hand with chalk and colored pencil.

Jean Cocteau (born 1889, died 1963) was a highly versatile proponent of the avant-garde movement. He was a world-renowned lyric poet, novelist, playwright, illustrator and filmmaker. In the visual arts, he turned his hand to all the styles of the last decades and remained in contact with other artists such as Pablo Picasso and Charlie Chaplin. The work “Augen hinter dem Fenster” (1945) in the “äuä” hotel room depicts four individual images of what Jean Cocteau saw as the typical shape of a person’s features.


Decorated with treasures

From the ground floor to the third floor, the corridors of the Kulm main building are decorated with framed works of art. From photography to serigraphy. From the brilliant sculptor to the brilliant illustrator.

The central corridor in the Kulm serves as a free painting exhibition. Photographs and paintings by local artists are shown here.