The Gurten funicular is decorated with illustrations by artists from Biel.
Different comic illustrations on the funicular designed by M.S. Bastian.

Art on the Gurten funicular

The funicular Bahn skilfully staged

Gurten funicular

Since April 2018, the Gurten funicular has been dressed in a cheerful red: Commissioned by the Culture Percentage of Aare Migros, the two artists M.S. Bastian and Isabelle L. gave it a flashy appearance with a direct reference to Bern’s local mountain.

The two artists were selected by the art committee of the Aare Migros cooperative, the operators of the Gurten – Park im Grünen and Gurtenbahn Bern AG from three invited artists and illustrators.

The red funicular travels up the Gurten. The Kulm building can be seen in the background.
Art on the way The winners of the tender staged a 3D object in front of the Gurten funicular.

Art on the way

z Bähnli grad abezieh

In close cooperation with the Gurten – Park im Grünen and Gurtenbahn Bern AG, four teams were invited to pit their ideas against one another. The design of the winning team, “z Bähnli grad abezieh” by Adrian Scheidegger, an artist from Bern, and Sofie’s Kommunikationsdesign AG, Zurich, convinced the judges with its combination of art and signage. Buffers and drive wheels create a link to the Gurten funicular which stand out, animate and motivate.

The art intervention and signage form a whole in the winning project, “z Bähnli grad abezieh”: The “route to the Gurten” has a new identity. The central theme is easily recognizable and leads from the tram stop to the valley station and back. The new addresses and references appeal to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.