A family on the observation tower marveling at the scenery
A family with two children taking in the view of the surrounding area from the observation tower.
The viewing platform on the Gurten in the fall. The trees are bare and the moon is shining behind them.
The 22-meter-high observation tower on the Gurten is lit by green light as the sun goes down.

Observation tower

A 22-meter-high tower

Stunning view over Bern

The Gurten tower is 22 meters high, so when you make it to the top, you’re a few meters higher than the altitude of 858 meters above sea level indicated in the Gurten. From up here, you can enjoy a stunning panorama in good weather over half of the Central Swiss Plateau, the mountain chain with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and, in the foreground, Schliern, Köniz and Bern with the communities of the conurbation. The panorama board on this 360° platform means you can check and enhance your knowledge.

Material: Wood and steel
Construction: 12 star-shaped wooden slats positioned around a spiral staircase. As the tower is not supposed to present too much resistance to the wind, it sways slightly to and fro
Height: 25 meters (viewing platform at 22 meters)
Staircase: Spiral staircase with 121 steps
Accessibility: Open to the public

In 1998, the Master Carpenters association for Bern and environs wanted to created something of “enduring value” to celebrate its 100th anniversary. And so the idea to build an observation tower on the Gurten was born. In November 1999, everything was set: Together with the Bern lottery fund, Swisscom and Migros, the funding had been secured and construction could begin.

Climb the observation tower on the Gurten and take a snapshot of the whole of Bern. A must-do during your visit. Tell us when you have taken a picture and mark it on social media with #gurtenpark.

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