Group at the Gurten Games on the broad meadow
A participant spraying graffiti at a Gurten team event
A participant spraying graffiti at a Gurten team event

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Framework programs for spring and summer

Open-air theater visit

The Gurten has hosted open-air theater every two years for 22 years. After Dällebach Kari, Einstein, Paradies, Abefahre and Flöö, Bernese author and theater director Livia Anne Richard is bringing her sixth world premiere to Bern's local mountain next summer with the play "Da chönnt ja jede cho!". For the first time in the history of Theater Gurten, Richard is not acting as both author and director: together with Bernese actor Christoph Keller, she forms an artistic duo.
Duration: 90 minutes
Participants: from 10 people
Venue: Theater Gurten, right next to the observation tower
Cost: from CHF 45 (one free ticket for every 10 tickets)
The header image of Theater Gurten with an older man with a critical face.
A participant rolling cheese on the meadow at the Gurten Games

Gurten Games

From active outdoor experiences such as archery and traditional activities like milking cows to entertaining games – we create a tailor-made program just for you. The offers can easily be combined with a seminar or aperitif.

Duration: as desired
Participants: 10–300 people
Venue: outside
Cost: from CHF 65 per person

Outdoor escape game

The new outdoor team experience on the Gurten. An outdoor escape game combined with GPS geocaching – an ideal team event for your company. “Operation Mindfall” is an exciting game with tricky riddles and exciting challenges that you can only overcome together as a team.


150 minutes

Participants: 2–300 people
Venue: outside
Cost: from CHF 39 per person
A participant spraying graffiti at a Gurten team event
Groups at the toast with an aperitif on the miniature railroad

Miniature railway apero

The miniature railway apero on the playground is a Gurten exclusive, which will take you back to your childhood memories. Do you still remember the first time you rode the miniature railway as a small child?

Take a ride on the miniature railway around the playground during an aperitif. Enjoy the extraordinary aperitif in the fresh air and toast with the passing team collegium. The ideal aperitif idea in the fresh air. 
Duration: 60 minutes
Participants: from 5 people
Venue: at the playground, at the miniature railway
Cost: flat rate CHF 160 + CHF 25 per person

Barbecue event

After a stylish aperitif, pick up some tips and ideas for a range of barbecue specialties under the professional guidance of one of the Gurten kitchen crew. You will not only create starters and barbecue a large piece of meat like a pro in the open air, you will also learn how to prepare flavorful seasonal vegetables and delicious desserts.

Duration: approx. 3 hours
Participants: 10-20 people
Venue: vaulted cellar & outdoors
Cost: from CHF 220 per person
Meat on the charcoal grill at a Gurten barbecue event
The storyteller Claudia Daeppen.

GeHschichten and storytelling dinner

Take a walk together, accompanied by amusing stories and eerily beautiful legends of Bern's local mountain and its surroundings. Optionally with an individual framework narrative exclusively for your company. Or experience an evening of laughter and aching muscles at a storytelling dinner with first-class listening pleasure and culinary delights.

Duration: 1 - 4 hours
Participants: Up to 20 people
Location:   outdoors as well as indoors 
Costs: from CHF 692.50.-

Indoor curling

Curling – a mixture of sport and fun – is an ideal activity for young and old alike, a relaxation activity during your workshop or one ingredient of an aperitif event. After a short introduction, you can go head to head in tournament mode.

Duration: as desired
Participants: 4–16 people
Venue: as desired and according to group size
Cost: from CHF 550 flat rate
Indoor curling set up in the Kulturschür UPtown

Framework programmes for autumn and winter

A participant spraying graffiti at a Gurten team event

Graffiti and painting experiences

Discover hidden graffiti or painting skills in your team. Create your corporate mission statement, your company logo or your new vision together as a group in the company of a professional artist. A not everyday experience and lots of fun are guaranteed.

Duration: 1–3 hours
Participants: from 10 people
Venue: outdoors or indoors
Cost: from CHF 30 per person


Our astronomy professionals will tell you all the fascinating properties of the solar system and the planets. It will all be explained using clear, comprehensible models. In the second, practical part, you can observe the stars above through professional telescopes.

Duration: 90–150 minutes
Participants: 5–100 people
Venue: inside & outside 
Cost: from CHF 620
A demonstrator explains the telescope to guests at the observatory on the Gurten.
Nosyphos ball game

Nosyphos ball game

Create excitement and emotions at a seminar or company event. Nosyphos is a fun way of bringing the participants together. This wooden game made in Switzerland is great entertainment and a perfect addition to your company event.

Duration: 1–2.5 hours
Participants: 5–100 people
Venue:  as desired and according to group size
Cost:  from CHF 1,150 flat rate

Film shoot

Together with your team, shoot breathtaking short films in one day and choose from over 15 different film genres. We transform your team into actors, directors and editors. In the evening, you can watch the final cuts on a big screen.

Duration: from 3 hours
Participants: from 5 people
Venue: outside 
Cost: from CHF 123 per person
Film shoot as a team event on the Gurten
New on the Gurten: Curling


The sporty group experience warms even on cold days. Curling is available only in winter. It is held outside in the fresh air by the Bahnhöfli (Take- away). Icy fun is guaranteed.
Duration: 1.5–2 hours
Participants: from 30 to 30 people
Venue: Bahnhöfli
Cost: from CHF 500.– all-inclusive

Outdoor raclette

Stand around the campfire, admire the view over the City of Bern and enjoy a delicious raclette. Prepare your own raclette in the large pan over the open fire and spend an enjoyable evening on Bern’s local mountain.

Duration: as desired
Participants: from 20 to 80 people
Venue: outside
Cost: CHF 69 per person
A participant rolling cheese on the meadow at the Gurten Games
Group enjoying an outdoor fondue in front of the Gurten Kulm

Outdoor fondue

This exceptional fondue event around an open fire with a stunning view over the City of Bern offers you and your friends an unforgettable experience. Use the long forks to stir the fondue and spend an enjoyable evening on Bern’s local mountain.

Duration: as desired
Participants: from 20 people
Venue: outside
Cost: CHF 71 per person

Wine tasting

At this tasting event, we try to make you aware of your sense of taste in a simple and understandable manner. By means of a fascinating wine tasting in our wine cellar, we discover together which wine goes best with which dish.

Duration: 60 minutes
Participants: 5–8 people 
Venue: Gurtners wine cellar
Cost: from CHF 80 per person
Wine cellar in Gurtners restaurant