The new design of the Gurtenbahn as of 2024
The new design of the Gurtenbahn from 2024, bird's eye view picture

Renewal of the Gurten funicular

From January to May 2024

News about the planned renewal


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    The Gurtenbahn relies on self-control in the future
    Self control sign of public transport

    After the renovation of the bottom station and the funicular, our guests will in future be able to go to the carriage hall independently and board the train after opening the platform and carriage doors. The previous boarding control is no longer necessary, so that passengers can change trains more quickly. Like practically all public transport in Switzerland, the Gurtenbahn now relies on regular spot checks. This means that the Gurtenbahn also applies the rule that every passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket before the journey. To avoid any unpleasant surprises in the event of a check, we would like to point out that not all tickets are valid on the Gurtenbahn Bern AG. The stations will be equipped with the corresponding information. These will also be available on the online marketplace or the website

    25.09.2023 09:00
  2. News
    We introduce: the new vending machines
    The new vending machine of the Gurtenbahn

    The innovative devices make purchasing tickets as easy as possible. The vending machines are equipped with the latest technology. Whether you need one-way tickets for the funicular, the toboggan run or the bike offer - with just a few touches of the screen you can select your desired tickets and solve them with one payment process. Our ticket vending machine is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Just follow the instructions on the screen and within seconds you will have your ticket in your hand. The new ticket vending machine offers a variety of cashless payment options. You can choose between credit card, Twint or contactless payment. Visit us and see for yourself. The new machines will be ready for you from December 10, 2023.

    22.09.2023 14:00
  3. Info
    It goes forward
    The skeleton of the new Gurtenbahn.
    Here the renewed Gurtenbahn is being built. To see, the armor of the railroad.

    Our teams of experts work intensively to ensure that the individual elements of the funicular's carriages are brought together professionally. High value is placed on safety and quality. Before we prepare for the next exciting phase, the individual parts are assembled into a whole. The realization is based on many specifications, plans and wishes. The imagination is still challenged a bit, but the skeleton of the ride is emerging and slowly becoming concrete.

    09.08.2023 08:00
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    The new design is known
    The new design of the Gurtenbahn as of 2024

    Stylish on the Gurten: Simple and elegant, this is how the new Gurtenbahn will present itself to passengers in its silver dress. The interior, too, will present passengers with a tidy and elegant picture to make the ride up the Gurten an unforgettable experience. Thanks to panoramic windows, there is also an excellent view of the region around Bern. Calag Carrosserie Langenthal AG is implementing the new vehicle in close cooperation with Garaventa AG from Uetendorf.

    28.06.2023 09:00

Renewal of the Gurtenbahn

Gurtenbahn Bern AG submitted the project for the conversion of the funicular railroad Wabern - Gurten Kulm to the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) for implementation of the ordinary planning approval procedure in an application dated November 9, 2022.

Bottom station:
structural adjustments with a view to automatic operation and to implement the Disability Equality Act (BehiG, SR 151.3).


Middle station:
renewal of the platform, new barriers and access gate.


Top station:
new perron doors with a view to automatic operation.



Replacement and partial renewal of the existing fencing, construction of new gates, renovation of various bridges and new rockfall protection net above the bottom station.



replacement of the car body and adjustments to the vehicle, complete replacement of the control system.

For detailed information, please refer to the plan documents available for public inspection.

The planning documents can be inspected from February 13, 2023 to March 14, 2023 during regular opening hours at the Köniz municipal administration. They are also available electronically below.

In accordance with Art. 13 of the Cableway Ordinance (SebV, SR 743.011), no components relevant to alignment are affected. However, for illustration purposes, plans and visualizations of the reconstruction as well as the length profile will be displayed at the bottom station for the duration of the public announcement.


Bottom station
Mountain station
Fence plan

You can find the media release on the renewal of the Gurtenbahn here. The presentation with detailed information about the renewal can be found here.


Season tickets, half-fare tickets, Bern Ticket JuniorCard and Libero (monthly or annual subscription for zone 100/101) are valid.


Single ticket: CHF 7
Return ticket: CHF 12.60
Children (6–16) / half fare
Single ticket: CHF 3.50
Return ticket: CHF 6.30

Replacement bus

During the construction work, replacement buses will be used. Replacement buses will run from the valley station to the Mergelplatz on the Gurten. Buses will run every half hour. Additional travel times depend on the number of guests.

Further information will follow. 

Replacement bus timetable

Last ascent: 11:00 p.m.
Last descent: 11:45 p.m.
Sundays and public holidays
Last ascent: 7:30 p.m.
Last descent: 8:00 p.m.

Frequently asked questions

The panorama compartment will no longer exist in its current form. The space allocation will be optimized for baby carriages, mobile walkers and wheelchairs. However, thanks to the large panoramic windows, passengers will still be able to enjoy the view of the city of Bern and the surrounding area to the full on their journey up and down the Gurten.

No, the train still holds 120 people. 

The lift will have a modern design with lots of glass for an optimal panoramic view and a dynamic shape. 

A well thought-out solution for bike transport is currently being developed. The aim is to create a separate entrance for the bikers.

Yes, the bottom station will be equipped with a lift to the boarding hall. In addition, an obstacle-free toilet will be installed.

The railroad was built in 1999. At the end of 2023, the operating permit and the concession will expire.
In addition, some components have reached the end of their reached the end of their service life. In addition, some improvements were necessary in the area of obstacle clearance. 

The bogies will be completely overhauled and reused. The car bodies, the old rope and the control system are replaced and disposed of properly.

The total project amounts to around CHF 10 million.

The railroad can be operated unaccompanied, accompanied or fully automated. The operating concept is currently in progress. In principle, the Gurtenbahn will run unaccompanied in the future.

The Gurtenbahn will be able to finance the renovation itself thanks to profits from previous years and borrowing. 

A corresponding offer is currently being developed in cooperation with Trailnet. 

Yes, Trailnet, the operator of the trail, is planning a trail renewal Trail renewal in parallel with the replacement operation of the track.

Yes, the bikers will have their own entrance. 

A solution is in the works. 

The structural changes offer a great opportunity to introduce new technologies and standardize payment for the various services. The corona pandemic has also led to an accelerated spread of digital payment options, which are now widely accepted.  Furthermore, it is a business decision.

The timetable after the reconstruction remains unchanged. 

A price adjustment is planned in particular due to general inflation. Moreover, prices have not been raised for more than 10 years. 

In the future, tickets can be purchased online on the Internet, via app or via terminals directly at the valley/middle/mountain station.

No, these remain unchanged.

A bus service via Gurtendörfli will be set up for this purpose. A bus will take passengers to Gurten Kulm and back. 

Yes, the replacement facility will be obstacle-free. 

No, unfortunately this will not be possible due to space constraints.

There is a transition toilet available in the valley station. 

The replacement service provides for a bus every 30 minutes.  

Yes. The Gurten Gastronomie always welcomes all guests, even during the construction phase. 

There will be no skiing or sledging and the transport of Bike transport will not be possible.

Noise emissions are kept as low as possible. Depending on the construction phase, however, noise emissions cannot be avoided.

The planned commissioning date is May 2024.

The renovation of the bottom station and the funicular is planned from January to April 2024.

Perron doors are installed in the interior of the wagon hall due to the fully automatic operation of the plant.

By dispensing with the cashier's office, a spacious waiting area is created. The exterior façade will be optimized in terms of energy and a heat pump will be installed for the temperature control of the bottom station.

The bikers are separated from the other passengers by means of separate access.

In addition, self-monitoring will be introduced.

The mid-station will not become obstacle-free for reasons of proportionality.

The middle station (stop on demand) is served from 07.00 - 20.00. 

Fully automated operation requires enhanced safety precautions. An adaptation of the mid-station for automated operation would be disproportionate compared to the passenger volume.

The Gurtenbahn is a tourist railroad and has no development mandate. 

No. The valley station is not suitable for a photovoltaic system due to its location. 

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