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Da chönnt ja jede cho!

The Gurten has hosted open-air theater every two years for 22 years. After Dällebach Kari, Einstein, Paradies, Abefahre and Flöört.ch, Bernese author and theater director Livia Anne Richard is bringing her sixth world premiere to Bern's local mountain next summer with the play "Da chönnt ja jede cho!". For the first time in the history of Theater Gurten, Richard is not acting as both author and director: together with Bernese actor Christoph Keller, she forms an artistic duo.
The title of the play "Da chönnt ja jede cho!" carries the theme within itself: when we Swiss say "da chönnt ja jede cho!", we mean the exact opposite. And so this real-life satire deals with a highly topical subject relating to Switzerland's dependency on foreign workers and the fact that we stand on the brakes when it comes to actually integrating these people here. How much a Wale Wüthrich (played by Theo Schmid) from Hinterschnösligen can imagine that he is Swiss without having done anything for it and what good his Swiss passport will do him if he has problems that cannot be solved with money: You can see all this in the play "Da chönnt ja jede cho!".
Venue:  At the observation tower, Gurten – Park im Grünen
Date: June 27–August 31, 2024
Time: 8:30 p.m.–10 p.m.
Price: CHF 55 (regular price)
  CHF 48 (apprentices/students/IV)
  CHF 45 (carte blanche) 
  CHF 26 (children up to 16 years old) 
  CHF 20 (schools)
   CHF 0 (wheelchair)

Getting here

The easiest way to find us. There are parking spaces right next to the Gurtenbahn funicular valley station.


A diagram with an overview of how best to get to the Gurten. By public transportation or car, the Gurten is ideally located.